Sissy Spacek "Roulette" 7"


Side A has four start points with concentrically cut grooves, one for each track. 4 brand new noisecore blasts recorded in 2014. 


Side B features a 13 minute tape manipulation collaboration with Joseph Hammer (LAFMS / Dinosaurs With Horns).


Edition of 229 (113 black vinyl / 116 white vinyl)




Dennis Tyfus / John Wiese "Live on KXLU" CD


Collaborative live performance by Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, Belgium) and John Wiese (Los Angeles). Recorded live on KXLU radio show Psychotechnics in early 2015.


6 panel digipak with full color artwork by Tyfus and Wiese


Edition of 200


Read an essay about the CD from John Olson (Wolf Eyes/American Tapes) here



Sissy Spacek Custom Enamel Pin


1.25" black and silver custom enamel pin. Design by John Wiese.


Very limited edition of 100 never to be repressed. 




Ted Byrnes "Objects" CD


Debut solo album by percussionist Ted Byrnes featuring remix by Chris Cooper (Caroliner / Fat Worm of Error).


4 panel digipak with full color artwork.


Edition of 100


Listen here



Sissy Spacek "Basement-Spear" CD


Limited CD reissue packaging together two out of print cassettes released on the Banned Production label. 


Basement is a full length collaboration album with Phil Blankenship (The Cherry Point) recorded in 2014. Spear features a track from the "Lead Their Exit" era lineup with vocals from Sara Taylor of Youth Code. 


Edition of 200




Sissy Spacek "Billions and Billions" CD


Limited CD reissue of long out of print cassette on Chondritic Sound. 


Includes Sissy Spacek in collaboration with Jackie Oblivia & Ju Suk Reet Meat (Smegma), and Joseph Hammer (LAFMS / Dinosaurs With Horns). As well as a live performance from the classic Wiese / Ronnau / Jackson lineup. 


Edition of 200




Skull Katalog "Dugga Hole" 7" 


Final Skull Katalog release. Two brand new tracks recorded in 2015.


Pro printed fold-over record jackets. Art by Matthew Bellosi.


Edition of 212


Listen here


Chihiro Yoshikawa "Pain of Rubia, I Am" Photo Book


Limited edition photo book from Tokyo based artist Chihiro Yoshikawa. Includes highlights from her recent photo collage work documenting her travels around the world. 


56 pages of black and white + full color images


Pro printed book / Hand numbered editon of 100



Pictureplane "Break Trance / Hot War (Cold Love)" 7"


Two brand new tracks from Pictureplane. "Hot War (Cold Love)" features Slug Christ and DJ Dog Dick.


Full color artwork by Brian Blomerth + two inserts


Edition of 300 / 200 black vinyl ; 100 pink vinyl


Listen here




Wood and Metal "Needs" Cassette


Brand new collaborative cassette from percussion duo Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek).


Edition of 100


Listen here


Thurston Moore and John Wiese "Live at MOCA" 7"


Live electronics / guitar feedback duo from Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and John Wiese (Sissy Spacek). Recorded at Los Angeles Art Book Fair outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art.




Wood and Metal + Chris Goudreau Cassette


Brand new release from percussion duo Wood and Metal, which consists of Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek)


Side A recorded live at the Handbag Factory in Los Angeles, May 2016.

Side B brand new remix by Chris Goudreau (Sickness).


Listen here


Jane Chardiet "Jane Pain in Los Angeles: Comparison is the Thief of Joy" Zine


Mix of original photography, collage and writing documenting Jane's time in Los Angeles during the summer of 2017. 


Full color, hand numbered edition of 50